Giving Thanks & Crafting Happiness

Crafting sugar and happiness has been our mission since 1906. Back then, when we were known simply as California & Hawaiian, our experts dedicated themselves to quality earning a respect that remains intact for over a century.


Quality Worth Celebrating, and Celebrating With.

In the years since, we’ve expanded our knowledge, our renowned line of sugars and even our fan base, but some things remain the same. We’re still in California, still committed to quality and still on our journey to bring sweetness to each and every home baker and professional chef.

We believe that everyone who appreciates the true joy that comes from baking is part of one community, and we’re proud to have served it for more than a century.


A Heritage Cultivated on Craftsmanship, Community, and The Joy of Baking



In the early 20th century, bakers in California and Hawaii were introduced to a sweet, new product bearing each state’s name, California & Hawaiian Sugar Company.


C&H® Sugar quickly gained popularity, and before long, people across the West Coast were asking for our sugar by name. In order to meet demand, we filled our 5 lb. Granulated Sugar packages on assembly lines.


As America thrived, C&H® grew with it, with orders coming in and sugar going out from our Crockett refinery at an ever-increasing pace.


To keep up with popular trends of the early 1930s, we updated our packages with an art deco design that was sleek, beautiful and eye-catching.


During the height of World War ll, many brands simplified their packages to use less ink.


With increased interest in buying products made in America, C&H® Sugar added new messaging to each package, proudly letting consumers know our sugarcane was grown in Hawaii and refined in California.


Recipes on the back of C&H® Sugar packages helped to inform bakers on new and interesting ways to use each product.


At C&H®, we’ve always embraced our Hawaiian heritage. To show this pride, we’ve featured native Hawaiians in our ads, and at different times, on our packaging, too.


In the late 1950s, we added the hibiscus to our packaging for the first time, and we’ve included it on every C&H® product since then.


The 70s were alive with color, and C&H® Sugar embraced it. Pink was added to our Granulated Sugar packages, and while the hue has changed slightly over the years, it’s still there today.


To honor our products made with pure cane sugar, we updated our packages with images of sugarcane, as well as text letting everyone know our granulated, brown and powdered sugars are all-natural and 100% pure.


A recognizable landmark in Crockett, the C&H® sign went green in 2016 with new eco-friendly LED bulbs.


Today, C&H® Sugar is getting a fresh, new look. We’ve leaned into our West Coast heritage and created a new custom pattern that’s inspired by the C&H® hibiscus that’s been a part of our brand for decades.


Memories Begin When You Mix in C&H® Sugar.

We also know that when you mix family, friends and food made with C&H® Sugar, you find the formula for magical moments and memories you’ll never forget. In other words—The Recipe for Happiness Starts with C&H.


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